Finland is the northernmost agricultural country in the world. The short but intensive growing season leads to a particularly delicious taste to Apetit vegetables.

What we do best

Apetit  is  Finland’s  leading  brand  in  frozen vegetables and frozen ready meals. Our offering consists of frozen vegetables, vegan and vegetarian burgers, pizzas and fresh vegetables. Apetit products are famous for their taste and home-grown content. Our frozen vegetables and frozen ready meals are produced at Säkylä and frozen pizzas at Pudasjärvi. We also produce fresh ready to use vegetables and on the go fruit products in Kivikko, Helsinki.

Apetit Free From -assortment

Always plant-based, always allergen free

Always easy to use, always delicious

Delicious and compact Apetit Free From range is designed for modern consumers with different kind of diets to make plant-based eating tasty and easy.

Rich in protein, Apetit Free From range meat replacement products are made of peaprotein and designed as "meatlike" burgers and nuggets. They provide tasty and familiar way to reduce meat consumption also for a flexitarian.

Traditional Scandinavian Apetit Free From range products are based on finnish beetroot, carrot and yellow carrot mixed for example with trendy chickpea, pumpkinseed and linseed - pure root vegetable taste!


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