This is our private experimaental farm that has been active since the 1950s. We grow and produce some of our products here and innovate new ecological ways to farm. Modern-day fields look perfectly aligned due to satellite control!

Delicious well-being with the help of vegetables

Apetit  is  Finland’s  leading  brand  in  frozen  vegetables and frozen ready meals and its products are renowned for their taste and home-grown content. Largely based on  Finnish  raw  materials,  the  frozen  vegetables and frozen ready meals are produced at Säkylä, and frozen pizzas at Pudasjärvi. One of our newest product launches is the Tuorekset-range. Tuorekset are fresh vegetables ready to add into any meal. Another fresh product is our delicious salads.  Both of these are produced in Kivikko, Helsinki. The home-grown content of raw materials accounts for at least 75 % in the frozen vegetables and frozen potato products as can be seen on the products marked with the Kotimainen (Domestic) mark.

Apetit product range is constantly developed to suit Finnish tastes, meet nutritional recommendations and respond to changing trends in eating habits. Great tasting products are made from naturally good raw materials and go through only the minimum necessary production stages.

Origin of raw materials known precisely 

Most of the vegetables used by Apetit are produced by around 140 Finnish contract growers who produce an annual amount of 33 million kg of clean, and reliably well-grown food. The most important raw materials are potatoes, leeks, carrots, peas, spinach, swede, parsnips, celery, beetroot and organic spinach. Thanks to Integrated Pest Management (IPM), the origin of these raw materials is always known, right down to the field they were grown in. 


Räpi experimental farm

For over 60 years, Apetit has been one of very few companies in Finland to have access to an experimental farm. At the farm, products are tested for growing methods, quality and suitability to freezing. The aim of the farm is to be sustainable and ecofriendly as its preference is to use as little pesticides as possible. Instead of using strong chemicals, mechanical and biological controls are prefered. To achieve the best possible taste, several tests are carried out to make sure that the vegetables are suited as well as possible to freezing, have a high nutritional value and that they are full of taste as well as properly formed and add up to the consumers' expectations.

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