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Our Everyday Food

For everyday meals, you don't have to be a great chef. With our readily packed frozen food, such as a traditional spinach soup, you can easily create a very tasty dish. Just add a boiled egg or salmon on top and you have a very common Finnish meal. There are plenty of common, popular and extraordinary dishes that can be created from our frozen products in no time.

Apetit Recipe Ideas

Quinoa Vegetable Burger

Combining Apetit Quinoa pattie with greek yoghurt, grated cucumber, our wok vegetables and a nice pita bread. A great blend.

Mexican Vegetable Burger

Easy lacto-vegetarian burgers for a casual night home or even parties. If you want the food to be fully vegan, concider using regular Vegepatties, also delicious, instead of Mexican Vegetable Patties.

Sweet Potatoes and Potatoes in Cream

Is there a more delicious and easy to prepare food than Sweet Potatoes in Cream, thrown into the oven, and adding some salmon afterwards? If there is, there won't be many. A great dish for the whole family. 

Potatoes in Cream

This tasty dish serves many people, so it's perfectly suitable for families, gathering and even parties if it gets wild enough. 

Finnish Lactose free Spinach Soup

This traditional finnish soup puts spinach on a pedestal making it soft and delicious. Add some salmon or a boiled egg to peak your experience.


Here's a picture of Veganballs in tomato sauce with mozzarella. Not only is the taste gorgeous, Veganballs also suit many other dishes. Here's the best part: they're fully vegan friendly.

Vegan Burgers

This mouthwatering burger with avocado, red onion, tomatoes and delicious buns makes the perfect meal. 0% meat, yeah you heard me right. The patty is fully vegan friendly, and as you might have guessed it's called Vegan Patty.

Crispy Chick

Crunchy protein packed veg patties with mashed potatoes and cucumbers. Yes please. Goes perfectly as a healthy afternoon snack.


Strawberry, mango, lemon, carrot and beetroot. You just can't keep your hands off these delicious ice pops. We wanted to create something unique and vegetable based, carrot and beetroot Vegepops are the answers for a tasty vegetable popsicle. 

Mint-Pea Cole Slaw

The most delicious Cole Slaw is made by leaving it in the fridge over night.

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