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Apetit is Finland’s leading brand in frozen vegetables, frozen ready meals and fresh fish. Our products are renowned for their taste and home-grown content. 


Vegan and vegetable Products

Do you want to increase plant based foods in your diet? Our new delicious Apetit Vegan and Vegetable Products work for casual healthy eaters, vegetarians and full on vegans. We developed the new vegan products for everyone, who have been expecting easy and tasty plant based foods loaded with protein. Ready to use patties and balls are easy to include in your daily meals. These products live in the frozen section of your shop. If you want to benefit from our products in your selections, be sure to contact us by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Apetit Vegetablepatties made for?

Apetit Vegetable Products are made for everyone who likes easy and delicious foods like burgers and meatballs, or in this case vegetableballs. Due to high protein content and being vegan friendly, the products especially suit consumers who wish to eat more plant based foods.

Is Private Labeling a possibility? Where do you export?

Using a Private Label is possible. Our client base includes public kitchens, private kitchens, industrial clients and private labels. The scope for exporting is within the boundaries of Europe.

What are your most popular products for export?

The favourite products for export are:
  • Vegetable Gratin
  • Peas
  • Quinoa Vegetable Burger
  • Mexican Vegetable Burger
  • Sweet Potatoes and Potatoes in Cream
  • Potatoes in Cream
  • Finnish Lactose free Spinach Soup
  • Veganballs
  • Vegan Patties
  • Vegepops
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Apetit New Vegan Products