The Finnish diet overall is considered as relatively healthy. Our mission is to enhance it even further by adding more vegetables and fish to it. We have a wide range of recipes on our website and although they are in Finnish, you can easily translate them on Google-translate!

Our Everyday Food

For everyday meals, you do not have to be a great chef. With our readily packed frozen food, such as a traditional spinach soup, you can easily create a very tasty dish. Just add a boiled egg on top and you have a very commonly eaten Finnish meal. Another easy soup that can be created from our products in no time is a vegetable soup from Apetit kotimainen peruna & keittokasvis -frozen vegetables.

Spinach soup

Sausage Soup

Where can I find Apetit products?

Apetit products can be found in shops from the frozen foods, fresh fish and vegetables. See here for Finnish recipe ideas.

To add to that we have a shop-in-shop concept at which we sell a selection of seafood, fresh meat, delicious salads, tasty ready-made food as well as warm off-the-grill products. Our experts will happily serve you and help you!
Check your nearest service points here. Come to chat!

Special Occasions

The Finnish midsummer is a time that families and friends gather togeher to celebrate the sunlit night. This is also a time that Finnish food is highly appreciated. Fish makes an appearance in most Juhannus menus, whether grilled or in a soup. You can easily set up a tasty and very Finnish dish by mixing our Apetit Muurikka vegetables found in the freezer section in shops and with fish found from our service points. For dessert, a traditional blueberry pie can easily be created from our frozen Finnish blueberries. You can also treat your guests to a platter of Gravlax from which guests can all choose which flavour of dressing they desire. As a side dish, you can offer traditional Finnish rye bread (ruisleipä) alongside with Gravlax with cream cheese and dill as seen in the picture above.

With Apetit products, it is extremely easy to maintain a healthy diet and we offer you hundereds of delicious recipes made with healthy fish and Finnish vegetables.


Gravlax Platter

Blueberry pie

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